Your CFO Solutions specializes in businesses that are experiencing some growing pains.  Our goal is to ease the pain while still allowing for the growth.

While we do not discriminate in the types of businesses or business owners we work with, there are two specialty areas that are dominate in the DC metro area that we do service – the Construction Industry and the Government Contract Segment. While they are very different, from a finance standpoint they have many similarities. Primarily, the accounting knowledge needed for them is an understanding of cost accounting standards. Similar to the manufacturing industry for which these standards were first introduced, the key to good cost accounting is building appropriate cost pools and allocation methods. In Construction – how do you allocate equipment costs, project managers, and employee benefits/taxes to the various jobs. In Government Contracting how do you allocate the project managers (Overhead pool), employee benefits/taxes (fringe pool) in addition to the G and A pool. Also, what about shared costs between those pools (Rent and other occupancy costs). See further detail in the sub menus for these two Industry Specialties